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BlackVue B-112 Battery

$299 RRP

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Advanced power bank station
The new BlackVue B-112 Power Battery Pack boasts easy installation for any user. Simply plug the system into your cigarette lighter and the battery will charge as you drive. If you drive a total of 1 hour per day, the battery will be charged to full capacity.

  • Latest Model
  • No Need for Hard-wiring (cigar mode)
  • Up to 12 hrs Run Time
  • 2x USB 5V Outlets
  • High Quality Samsung Li-Iron Battery
  • Australian Warranty
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Lithium-Iron Power

The BlackVue B-112 Battery Pack uses a dedicated battery to store power. Whilst the Power Magic Pro will only use the power from your car’s battery, a high quality lithium-iron battery ensures excellent reliability and performance.

Lithium-Iron Phosphate, not your average battery technology

Type of Battery Lithium-iOn Lithium-IRON Phosphate
Safety Almost Good Excellent
Green Product Yes Yes
Charging at high temperature Bad Very Good
Battery Management System No Yes
Management Costs Medium Low
Charge Cycles >3,500 >22,000
Duration in service 2-3 Years 6-8 Years
Charge efficiency 80% 95%
Charging Time 2-4hrs 1-2hrs

Your parking mode options

*0-6 Hours

*Parking mode time may vary from driving patterns and the vehicle

No Battery

Up to 12 Hours

BlackVue B-112 Battery

$299.00 RRP

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Up to 30 Hours

The BlackVue B-130X

$499.00 RRP

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Powering your dash cam

Want the most of your dash cam? A dedicated battery pack ensures your dash cam remains powered and doesn’t solely rely on your cars battery for power. This has many benefits, with the largest benefit being extended Parking Mode times. 1 hour of comprised daily driving for example will provide up to 12 hours of dash cam powering while your car is parked (B112).

This battery is designed for use with dash cams and can handle the hot temperatures of being inside a car. All 12V dash cam brands work with the B112.

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Lithium-Iron Phosphate

The BlackVue B112 uses Lithium-Iron Phosphate technology, which is a bit more sophisticated than a typical ‘lithium’ battery. Lithium-Iron Phosphate is a highly stable and durable form of battery technology, providing years of hassle free performance when powering your dash cam.

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Easy Installation

The BlackVue B112 battery pack is easy to use, user-friendly devices that do not require any professional installation to start using. Simply plug the device into your car’s cigarette lighter, and the battery will charge as you drive.

If you would like to conceal your BlackVue battery pack, we recommend consulting an auto-technician for professional installation.

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USB Charging

Charge Any USB Accessory

  1. Female accessory (cigar lighter) power socket for your dashcam.
  2. 2 USB (5V) ports to power a phone, mobile hotspot, etc.The B-112 provides enough power to charge most electronic accessories (not only phones but also larger battery accessories like tablets).
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DIY Install or Professional

Quick and Easy Installation

No hardwiring needed.

Simply plugs into your vehicle’s accessory (cigarette lighter) power socket.

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Hassle-free Operation

Recharges while driving. Powers your dashcam while parked.
1 hour charge = 12 hours running time*.

(*) Based on power consumption of 1CH single-channel dashcam. A 2CH dash cam will get ~8 hours of running time after 1 hour driving. Which is still usually much better than using your cars battery instead.

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BlackVue B-112

Model Name / Warranty Battery Pack (B-112)
Capacity 12.8 V / 3000 mAh / 38.4 W
Input Charging Power 9Volts - 24Volts ~ 7A
Charging Ampere Options 6.5 Ampere (A) (switch selectable)
Charging Time 1.5 hour (Cig Plug)
Usage Time Approx. 12 hours | 12 V / 1CH Dashcam, 2CH = ~8 hours
Battery Type Lithium-iron (LiFePo4) Samsung
LED Built-in LED (Indicates Status / Charging or Full)
Bluetooth No
Dimensions Black 128mm x 102mm x 50mm (Compact)
Weight ~550grams
Operating Temp -10 ~ 60'C
Place of Manufacture Made in Korea
Warranty 12 Months in Australia

The BlackVue Difference.

At BlackVue Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support, including an exclusive 3 Year Warranty for Australian customers. When you purchase a premium product, you can expect premium support from us.

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3-Year Australian warranty

customer service

Award-winning customer service


Product repair programs

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With a network of retailers Australia wide, you won’t have to go far to find BlackVue.