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Rear Camera Cable

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Genuine BlackVue rear camera cable, used in all 2CH models.

Coaxial video cable for most dual-channel BlackVue dash cams.
Compatible with:

  • DR970X Series
  • DR770X Series
  • DR900X Series
  • DR750X Series
  • DR750-2CH LTE
  • DR900S Series
  • DR750S Series
  • DR650S Series

Available in 1.5M / 6M / 10M / 15M lengths from Auto BlackBox and our dealers.

Analog cable video cable used for DR590X series dual-channel BlackVue dash cams.

Available in 6M / 10M / 15M lengths from Auto BlackBox and our dealers.

The BlackVue Difference.

At BlackVue Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support, including an exclusive 3 Year Warranty for Australian customers. When you purchase a premium product, you can expect premium support from us.

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3-Year Australian warranty

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