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Your Cloud enabled camera

If you are a BlackVue Over the Cloud user, you can see your dashcam’s GPS location while hiding your dashcam from the Public Map. All you need to do is go into BlackVue Cloud > Camera settings > Privacy settings, then uncheck “Share BlackVue location publicly” (make sure to allow the BlackVue App to access your dashcam’s GPS data).

You can change these settings anytime and even when your BlackVue dashcam is offline.

Where can I find the privacy settings?

To access your camera's Cloud enabled privacy settings, first open up the BlackVue app, then go to BlackVue Cloud > Camera Settings > Privacy Settings. Note: This option is only enabled on a registered camera. If you have not registered your camera, it will not appear on the list.

Your dashcam's privacy settings can be changed on the fly and at any time, even if your BlackVue camera is offline. The changes will be noticeable once your Cloud enabled camera comes online next. This is unlike the firmware settings, which require your camera to be online for changes to be saved/modified.

You have four privacy setting check boxes and one toggle button for your camera's GPS data.

The settings are:

  • Share BlackVue location publicly
  • Share BlackVue Live View video publicly
  • Share BlackVue Live View audio publicly
  • Share BlackVue camera name publicly

You can also toggle your dashcam's GPS data off and on with the Blue button below the info prompt.
If you do not allow your BlackVue app to access your camera's GPS data, you can still use the remote live view feature but your GPS location will be unknown. The camera still records GPS data locally (on to the microSD card).

After you've changed your settings, make sure to hit the OK button to save and apply.


Easily hide your camera's location

This is an important feature that should be noticed. Make sure you disable your camera's public location on setting unless you would like it on.

To change this, first open up the BlackVue app, then go to BlackVue Cloud > Camera Settings > Privacy Settings > Uncheck "Share BlackVue location publicly".
You should still have your camera have GPS access, so that you can privately view your camera's location.

Further information

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