BlackVue Tamper Proof Case - Now Available

The latest line up of dash cam accessories by Pittasoft; introducing the new BlackVue Tamper Proof Case - now any BlackVue DR650 model camera will have the capability to be tamper proof.

Consisting of 3 parts (left end, right end, Allen key), the BlackVue Tamper Proof Case is made up from heat tested plastics to ensure longevity of security for your BlackVue dash cam, while also maintaining the discreet and sleek nature of BlackVue's unique design. 

Compatible Models: All DR650S and DR650GW (1CH+2CH) Cameras are compatible.
Note: This product is not compatible with DR450-1CH

We recommend customers to find a local dealer or online re-seller. If you cannot find a local dealer, we offer the option to shop directly from us the importer.

The BlackVue Tamper Proof Case is priced at $49.00 inc GST.

SD Card Security

The data on the SD card can only be accessed by those authorised to access it.

Stop Tampering

Drivers will be unable to destroy or remove the SD card, without damaging the dash cam completely. 

Dual Allen Key Lock

Two allen keys are used to secure the case in place, meaning a strong fix that won't come loose.

The BlackVue Tamper Proof Case is constructed in two parts which come together from each end of the dash camera. As you can see illustrated in the image; once the case in in place, the SD card and Cables are protected from tampering.

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Quality Construction - Tested for Heat and Australian Conditions

3 Piece Kit - Includes the two covers and an allen key for operation.

Stylish Design - Keeps in line with BlackVue's leading dash cam designs.