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Changes to Cloud

The latest version of the BlackVue app provides you with a new notice regarding the BlackVue Cloud.

Your default privacy settings have now been disabled if they were set to public. You can go through the app to change settings to how you please by going into BlackVue Cloud > Camera Settings > Privacy Settings

What does this mean for you?

When you register your BlackVue dash camera on your Cloud account, it will ask you if you permit it to have GPS access. This is still fine to do and pressing Allow is recommended to gain full access to the Cloud's capabilities. 

You no longer have to be concerned about your camera being publicly available unless you request it to be so, as pressing Allow then sets your cameras default privacy settings to be private.

If you do need your camera to be available publicly on the BlackVue Cloud network, you can still go into your camera settings and make the change accordingly. 

Privacy by default for all Cloud users

As a precaution, and to ensure that no user is broadcasting their location or Live View video feed inadvertently, we set all users’ camera location, name, video and audio sharing settings to private. This change was made at the server level and concerns both BlackVue Over the Cloud and BlackVue Fleet Tracking accounts.


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