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  • GPS Tracking
  • Voice Communications
  • Video Backup

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Over the Cloud BlackVue


What is BlackVue Cloud?

BlackVue Over the Cloud is intelligent software that enables your dash cam to connect via WiFi (3G) to BlackVue's remote servers

This state of the art technology is why BlackVue are leaders in the dash cam industry.

How Does it Work?

The user simply downloads the BlackVue Cloud App and connects their dash cam to a 3G/4G hotspot. Once connected, the dash cam will connect via WiFi to the BlackVue server. This allows the user to now access their dash cam from any where, at any time.

Main Features

BlackVue Over the Cloud offers users access to six 
main features:
Live View, Emergency Alarm, GPS Tracking, Two-way Voice Communication, Video Backup, Remote Video Playback and other endless possibilities in the future.

Compatible Models

BlackVue Over the Cloud - is compatible with the latest DR750S series and previous DR650S cameras, and

 some earlier models such as DR650GW series.

Watch live video on your phone.
Any where, at any time
of the day. *

* connection via 3G hotspot required and must be sourced by the customer

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How can BlackVue Cloud benefit you?

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Connect to your car from any location

Individuals can connect to their car from anywhere, anytime, and be alerted whenever events occur (accident, disconnection of dashcam from the Cloud).

Improve business efficiency through GPS tracking

GPS tracking is an effective business tool for business owners. Monitor the movements of your fleet with a commercial BlackVue cloud acccount. Truck fleet operators can now monitor all vehicles and track the progress of deliveries and employee performance.

Have multiple vehicles? No problem

Larger companies can take advantage of BlackVue Cloud software by subscribing to commercial plans that allow multiple vehicles to be tracked and monitored from the comfort of your office desk, or from your smart mobile device.

iOS and Android compatible apple android

All BlackVue Cloud Apps are fully iOS and Android compatible. Don’t use a smartphone? No worries, the BlackVue PC player works on both Windows and Mac computers.

remote live view
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remote video backup

Remote Live View

Remotely monitor your car in real time from anywhere, anytime.

Remote Video Backup

Move files from your dashcam to the Cloud storage or your smartphone/tablet, right from the app.

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remote playback
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emergency alarm

Remote Video Playback

Play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam anytime on your smartphone or tablet

Emergency Alarm

Receive emergency push notifications and alarms whenever your BlackVue dash cam detects an impact, straight to your mobile device.

Any Questions?

How do I know if my camera is compatible?

Firstly, if you purchased your camera after June 2015, there is a good chance your camera is compatible. But to double check, please call us on 08 6267 5167 or contact us by email.

BlackVue Over the Cloud works with the DR650GW Series models sold in Australia after June 2015. To check if your model is compatible with the service, and receive your Cloud security code, follow the steps below:

  1. You will need a photo of the product’s serial number and a screenshot of the default SSID, which shows the unit’s MAC address.
  2. Serial number: take a photo of the serial number sticker on your product or on the product’s packaging.
  3. MAC address: the default SSID of your BlackVue contains its MAC address.
  4. Send these details in an email to requesting your QR code and to ask if your unit is compatible.

    *See the below pictures on where to find your Mac Address for your BlackVue DR650GW-1CH or 2CH camera.

  5. After the confirmation of compatibility, you will be issued a Cloud security code.
  6. If your BlackVue is not compatible, upgrades can be arranged through Auto BlackBox at a cost.
Android: using the BlackVue C App and with your BlackVue powered on, go to "BLACKVUE WI-FI” and take a screenshot of the SSID showed on the BlackVue Wi-Fi login screen.
iOS: with your BlackVue powered on, take a screenshot of your BlackVue’s network name showing under Settings –> Wi-Fi menu.

Where do I get the QR code?

If your device does not have a QR code on it, or you lost or removed your QR code sticker, you will need a Cloud security code.

In order to get your Cloud security code, please follow the steps in the section above: "HOW DO I KNOW IF MY CAMERA IS COMPATIBLE?” -- Refer to point 4.

Start guide: Connecting your BlackVue to a hotspot

In order to enjoy BlackVue Over the Cloud, you must set up your BlackVue to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. This hotspot can be your home Wi-Fi, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot or your car’s embedded connection. Once you are done, you will be able use your BlackVue Over the Cloud account to connect to your BlackVue from anywhere, anytime.

1. With your BlackVue on and your hotspot in range, go to BLACKVUE WIFI. On iOS: connect through your device’s Settings/Wi-Fi menu, then skip steps 2 and 3.

2. Select your BlackVue from the list of available devices.

3. Enter the BlackVue Cameras password (default password: blackvue).

4. Once logged in, tap the "…” icon in the top right corner and go to Camera settings.

5. Select Firmware Settings.

6. Select Cloud Settings.

7. Select Cloud service hotspot settings.

8. Select your hotspot from the list and enter the password for your hotspot, then tap OK.

9. Make sure to select 'QUIT AFTER SAVING'.

What is included in my free cloud account?

The BlackVue C app allows you to create a free account easily. Your free BlackVue Over the Cloud account includes the following (as of April 2016):

10 Minutes Daily View

Stream real-time video from your BlackVue. Restarts Everyday.

One BlackVue Dashcam

Register one BlackVue dashcam per free account.

10 GB of Cloud Storage

10GB to back up your video files in the Cloud, free.

100 Downloads Per Month

100 downloads or replays of videos from the Cloud or direct access of cameras SD card videos (via the cloud) per month.

Want to check your account info?

In the BlackVue C App, tap the icon in the top-left corner, log into your account. After you have logged into your account, tap the icon to open the Account Settings screen, then select Account Info.

What phone app do I use for the cloud firmware?

To access BlackVue Over the Cloud, you must use the BlackVue C app, currently available for Android and iOS.

The BlackVue C app is compatible with the BlackVue firmware version 2.000 and over only.

The legacy BlackVue app is not compatible with BlackVue firmware version 2.000 and over.


NOTE: If you wish to revert back to 1.009V after installing the Cloup Firmware, you can do this.

NOTE: You can use 1.009V firmware with the BlackVue C App - and it will be fine.

Visit this page for information on downgrading or upgrading your firmware.

How do I use the BlackVue Cloud App?

The video below will show you how to use the BlackVue Cloud App.

NOTE: If you wish to revert back to 1.009V after installing the Cloup Firmware, you can do this.

NOTE: You can use 1.009V firmware with the BlackVue C App - and it will be fine.

Visit this page for information on downgrading or upgrading your firmware.