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About BlackVue

Australia's #1 dashcam brand

Providing Australians with peace of mind on the road for over 10 years
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3-Year Australian warranty

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Award-winning customer service


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Australia-wide Dealer Network

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Australia's largest supplier

The Product

The unique design BlackVue cameras use is unmatched by our competition. Performance is made from design and features. BlackVue are one of the top 5 leading dash camera manufacturers in Korea, and the most iconic and well known brand in Australia.

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The Network

As a dashcam based company in Perth, we also supply retailers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We continue to lead the industry as Australia’s largest supplier of quality dash cam products.

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The Support

At BlackVue Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support including an exclusive 3 Year Warranty for Australian customers. When you purchase a premium product, you can expect premium support from us.

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Great after sales help! Ill will be upgrading my next car with BlackVue

I purchased my car with 8 kilometres on the clock. The first mod was this dash cam. Originally professionally installed in October 2016 by someone in NSW. I thought the included SD card was a little small, so I got...

Product longevity not as expected [Revised!]

I was honestly at a dead-end, but the team at BlackVue reached out to set things right for me. I received a replacement unit today, and everything is working perfectly once again. I was absolutely wrong about them not...


Purchased my Blackvue 750X 2CH Dashcam at a super competitive price online from SuoerCheap Auto two weeks ago and had it professionally installed by AV-DC at Panorama. I’m new to in car tech but this team were...

EDITED REVIEW - Started off great but regretting it now- Camera Failure!!

Editing below review I published a couple of months back as Blackvue have reached out to me and completed full repairs of my device even though it is at least a year out of warranty. There are very few companies who...

Highly recommend, would buy again (DR750X)

I have purchased this dashcam and wired to my vehicle myself. Installation was easy, and I have since fitted the battery and LTE module. I find myself getting roughly 24 hours per charge while the vehicle is off. I like...

Great Customer Service

I had a DOA unit and Blackvue has bent over backwards ensuring that it’s sorted out. To me good customer service is probably the single most import part of a product. Whilst the camera does a great job in line with...

Safety & Satisfaction always come first

BlackVue has won the 2021 Canstar Dash Cam awards, achieving 5 stars in all categories. BlackVue was rated five stars in all ratings categories, including picture quality, ease of use, ease of accessing footage, memory/storage capacity, sound quality, value for money, design and overall satisfaction.

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