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Dash Cams in Australia

Deciding on the best dash cam.

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Why do I need a dash cam?

Dash cams are rapidly growing in popularity in Australia. As they capture more and more incidents where drivers have become the victim of a road rage attack, hit and run, theft, insurance disputes and more. It is essential that drivers consider purchasing a dash cam for their car, just as they would take out an insurance policy.



Record accidents and prove your innocence, prove you were not at fault.

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Dash cams will run on Parking Mode, 
and can record theft incidents.

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Submit video evidence to your insurance company for excess-free claims. Save time and money.

Award Winning Dash Cams

BlackVue have been protecting Australian drivers since 2011. We offer a 3 Year Warranty and Award Winning customer service.
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What to look for when purchasing a dash cam

It’s important to focus on 3 key prerequisites when shopping for your dash cam:

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BlackVue have been in the industry in Australia for over 10 years and know dash cams.

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BlackVue were the first brand to market with True 4K and have the best retail Cloud App software in the business.



BlackVue is a Canstar and ProductReview winning dash cam brand in Australia offering an exclusive 3 year warranty.

Nothing really come close to the sleek cylindrical design of the BlackVue. Our state-of-the-art dash cams are available to purchase in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane, with the convenience of local suppliers and trained installers ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

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Leading Design

BlackVue, an award-winning brand, presents a sleek all-black design seamlessly integrated with your car, offering a discreet yet high-quality dash cam. It stands out as the best-designed option in its price range.

Leading Features

Our dash cams offer a 3-Year Warranty and advanced features, including built-in WiFi for smartphone connectivity, GPS speed and location, 4K UHD recording, and remote Cloud viewing. Experience top-notch technology in a compact unit.

BlackVue Features

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Auto Impact and Motion Detection

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Intelligent parking mode monitoring

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Outstanding low light sensitivity

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Front & Rear Sony STARVIS sensors

DR900 XPlus with CM100LTE

Been using Blackvue products for a few years now with no problems. The new Dr900XPlus with the CM100Lte 4G hotspot is great and easy to install and setup. Love the remote viewing and tracking capabilities.

Perfect for me

Easy to understand features when looking at which unit to purchase. Well packaged with everything needed to diy install. Easy install. Easy to set up and fuss free ongoing use. Would definitely buy again.

Fantastic Quality & After Service

Picture quality (crystal clear number plates) is the best I have seen. Best product in the market. I had a small issue with the memory card and they were quick to replace the card for me. Great to see they have a solid...

Great Product - Great After Sales Service

Purchased my Blackvue dr900x-2ch and installed it myself. Instructions were simple enough, but kept draining the battery. Told BlackVue that I had wired the camera as per instructions but still draining the battery. No...

So far go good.

Camera easy to set-up and works well. Quality is good. Only had it for a few weeks so not sure of the long term performance. Easy to download footage to phone via app, even when car ignition is off.

Australia's Best Rated Dashcam

In 2023 Blackvue came recommended by 96% of customers surveyed when it comes to its dash cams. The brand received high scores in all categories and was No 1.

Safety & Satisfaction always come first

BlackVue won the 2021 Canstar Dash Cam awards, achieving 5 stars in all categories. BlackVue was rated five stars in all ratings categories, including picture quality, ease of use, ease of accessing footage.

Frequently asked questions

Dash cams are a dvr camera recorder also known as a ‘dash cam’ that mounts on your car’s windscreen to record driving events from front and rear. They are designed for ease-of-use and high temperature resistance and will protect your story in the event of an incident. With hundreds of dash cameras on the market, it can be quite confusing when shopping for a dash cam. We at BlackVue make it easy and have over 10 years experience in Australia.

Motorists are quickly seeing the rewards from having a high quality dash cam in their vehicle. The peace of mind, ease of use and surveillance factor make it a no-brainer! BlackVue dash cams come with many features that make driving a more enjoyable and pleasant experience. Drivers with BlackVue dash cams are often reporting how trivial insurance claims have become; by simply providing video evidence in the event of an incident, insurance companies can easily identify who was at fault, saving hours of back and forth and pointless he-said she-said!

Dash cams offer numerous benefits to both individual drivers and businesses. They serve as a reliable eyewitness on the road, capturing critical footage in the event of accidents, road rage incidents, or even theft. This video evidence can help settle insurance claims, protect drivers from fraudulent lawsuits, and provide crucial information to law enforcement. Additionally, dash cams can be a valuable tool for monitoring driving habits, which can lead to improved safety and reduced fuel consumption. One of the leading brands in the dash cam industry is BlackVue, known for its high-quality products and innovative features.

BlackVue has solidified its position at the forefront of the dash cam market due to several key factors. First, they prioritise exceptional video quality with high-resolution recording and wide-angle lenses, ensuring that the captured footage is clear and comprehensive. BlackVue offers seamless cloud connectivity, allowing users to access their footage remotely, receive real-time alerts, and even track the vehicle’s location via the CLOUD.

Absolutely! There are no laws preventing the use of dash cameras within Australia. Take care to ensure the dash camera is not obstructing your vision when installing. BlackVue’s are designed to not obstruct your view and don’t contain distracting LCD screens.

Yes! All of our cameras come with cigarette plug power adapters out of the box, which means you only need to place the camera on the windshield, and run the cable to the cigarette socket. If you are looking to get it hardwired and have the cables neatly tucked away, we recommend to always contact a certified installer/dealer to ensure your camera is installed correctly and placed in the right spot. If you are not comfortable with the installation process in anyway, please contact your vendor and ask for assistance. In most cases, you will be recommended to an installer who can provide expert installation services.

The BlackVue Difference.

At BlackVue Australia we offer premium customer service and back up support including an exclusive 3 Year Warranty for Australian customers. When you purchase a premium product, you can expect premium support from us.

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3-Year Australian warranty

customer service

Award-winning customer service


Product repair programs

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Find a dealer near you

With a network of retailers Australia wide, you won’t have to go far to find BlackVue.