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Dash cams are a smart camera recorder that mounts on your car’s windscreen to record driving events. They are designed for ease-of-use and high temperature resistance and will protect your story in the event of an incident. WIth thousands of dash cameras on the market, it can be quite confusing when shopping for a dash cam. Consumers can be faced with confusing information, and find it hard to get answers to the questions that matter, such as: is it the best, is it bulky and will I get the support if something happens?

Leading Designs

With so many dash cams now on the market, they can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. However, none really come close to the sleek cylindrical design of the BlackVue.

With their all black exterior colour, and factory-fitted like shape; BlackVue customers will have the benefit of not only having a quality dash cam, but also a discreet and good looking product that won’t negatively affect their car’s appearance.

BlackVue is regarded as the best design on the market when compared to competitor models in the same price bracket.

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Leading Features

Built-in WiFi for connectivity with your smartphone (Android or iOS), built-in GPS (for speed and location recording), Full HD 1080P, g-sensors and LTE compatible for remote viewing over the BlackVue Cloud are some of the features that our BlackVue dash cams provide, making them a feature packed unit.

Need more recording time? No problem at all, BlackVue cameras are compatible with up to 256GB mSD cards, providing a heap of recording time (up to 61hrs @ 1080P).


Dash cams are rapidly growing in popularity in Australia. As they capture more and more incidents where drivers have become the victim of a road rage attack, hit and run, theft, insurance disputes and more. It is essential that drivers consider purchasing a dash cam for their car, just as they would take out an insurance policy.

collision insurance


Record accidents and prove your innocence, prove you were not at fault.

theft and vandalism insurance


Dash cams will run on Parking Mode, and can record theft incidents.

auto insurance


Submit video evidence to your insurance company for excess-free claims. Save time and money.

Road Rage incident captured on a BlackVue

BlackVue has local retailers all across the country for your convenience.

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BlackVue are Australia’s leading dash camera brand. Our cameras were the first to incorporate the very popular cylindrical design, as well as built-in gps and WiFi. Allowing users to interact with their dash cam using their smart-phone. BlackVue offers a free App that can be used to set up and access footage on your camera.

100% Support

100% Support

Full time support staff for any of our customers Australia wide, and the best rated support in the industry.

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

All Australian customers that purchase from authorised dealers receive a 2 year warranty through us.

Stylish Design

Stylish Design

Leading the market as the best designed dash cam, BlackVue systems will only improve the appearance in your car.


Highest Rated

BlackVue was awarded the 2017 Product Review award winner for the category of crash cameras. WIth over 100 reviews and a highly positive track record of customer service. BlackVue exceeded high standards of customer service and prompt support.


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