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Insane Footage of Car Explosion, Caught by BlackVue!


Caught on BlackVue

The video shared anonymously shows a devastating vehicle spontaneous combusting, which consumes the entire vehicle and all of the contents inside. The BlackVue’s video footage was able to retrieved from the actual unit itself, as the memory card tray was still relatively unharmed and in-tact! No one was harmed thankfully – and the whole ordeal was captured on BlackVue, which we can imagine would be a huge help to any particular theories as to who or what started the fire!

The actual cause for the vehicle self-igniting is not known.

What If The MicroSD Card Was Damaged?

Thankfully the driver was able to retrieve the microSD card that contained all the recorded footage. But what if the microSD card was unusable? Our Cloud connected dash-cams offer Event Live Auto upload that allows your dash-cam to stream and save to the Cloud in real time when an impact–or explosion–is detected. Additionally, the latest models (DR900S and DR750S) with a Fleet Plan can make use of Event File Auto upload, which saves copies of Event files (both front and rear cameras) to the Cloud right after they happen.

To use Cloud features, you need a Cloud-compatible dashcam and an internet-enabled Wi-Fi network within range.

Parking mode

Feeling intrigued? The BlackVue dash cameras offer many different degrees of parking mode to suit your vehicle and recording needs. Either hard wired in via the Power Magic Pro or any battery pack, make sure you have parking mode enabled to capture those moments when you’re away from your vehicle.

The B-124 and B-112 also offer a battery back up solution, and can be installed relatively easy with little to none auto electrical experience.

Make sure your vehicle is secured with a proper parking mode backup solution.

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