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New DR970X PLUS Series Release

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BlackVue Releases New 4K Cloud-Compatible Dash Cams

BlackVue has recently unveiled new 4K Cloud-compatible dash cams that boast 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensors, enhanced lenses, HEVC compression, and overall superior image quality.

Initial Batch of New 4K Plus Models

The initial release includes the single-channel DR970X-1CH Plus, the dual-channel DR970X-2CH Plus, and the dual-channel with integrated LTE DR970X-2CH LTE Plus, available in both North America and Global versions.

Key New Features

  • Enhanced 4K Sony STARVIS 2 Sensor: All 4K Plus models are equipped with an IMX678 sensor in the front camera, enhancing sensitivity in low-light conditions and providing superior dynamic range.
  • Fast f/1.7 Aperture Lens: The larger aperture lens enables the 4K Plus main cameras to capture more light than the f/2.8 lens of previous models, resulting in quicker shutter speeds that help freeze motion and reduce blur.
  • Advanced Image Signal Processor (ISP) Tuning: The dynamic range and overall fidelity have been significantly improved through the expert optimisation of a new chipset, enhancing image quality especially in night-time and high-contrast scenes.
  • Doubled Event Buffer: The 4K Plus models now feature a 10-second event buffer, increased from 5 seconds, ensuring that video clips recorded while driving or parked capture ten seconds of action prior to the triggering event.
  • HEVC/H.265 Codec: The default High-Efficiency Video Coding compression algorithm is used in the 4K Plus models, with an option for users to select the widely supported AVC/H.264 codec. HEVC offers better detail preservation and supports higher bitrate recording up to 60 Megabits per second.

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